Setting “SMART” Goals

“SMART” is a goal-setting strategy you can apply to each goal to ensure that it is capable of being achieved. Using these parameters for your goals will help you succeed in any endeavor.

Create goals that are:

  • Specific. Use numbers or a clear end to define your goal. Say “lose 10 pounds” instead of “lose weight.”
  • Measurable. You must be able to measure your progress in some way. When you set a specific goal that you can measure, you’re sure to be able to see your progress and know when you’ve hit your target.
  • Attainable. Choose goals that you can obtain.
  • Realistic. Ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your goal.
  • Timely. Establish a clear timeframe or deadline for accomplishing your goal. A goal without a timeframe is merely a wish. Get with it!