Goal Setting

Creating Tangible Results

Goal setting is a big buzzword in the personal development world. Life and business coaches are constantly hammering the idea that you must set goals if you want to achieve anything in life. Many people shrug this advice off because it doesn’t conveniently fit into their everyday experience, but these coaches and personal development experts may be on to something. 

Studies show that it is significantly more likely that you will hit your goals if you write them down. Since it is well known that time management and planning are integral to productivity, this makes sense. Making sure that you are clear on your goals and being able to strategize actionable steps towards meeting them can make the difference between living the life you daydream about or staying in the place you are currently in. 

When you look at a large life or business goal, the big picture looks daunting. The process of breaking it down into bite-size steps is simple. For example, say you have a goal of becoming a major gifts officer. Researching the industry, becoming knowledgeable about fundraising and planned gifts, as well as breaking down the career steps you would need to take to begin this position would be a solid starting place. Placing these steps on a calendar and making a commitment to yourself that you will take initiative is key. Completed goals don’t just arrive out of thin air, we have to schedule their progress into our lives. 

If you’re ready to stop saying “one day” and start saying “today is the day”, we have compiled these articles for you to check out. Simplifying and turning your goals into tangible results is a matter of strategy and commitment. Keep it close by in case you need to make a change!

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