Leadership & Management

Creating Change in the Workplace

Evolving into a trusted, respected leader is a benchmark of career success. You’ve put in the work, climbed the ladder, and made it to the top. Maybe you’re a manager, you’ve been promoted to lead editor, or you’re a major gifts officer — either way, it is enough to make you feel excited. Unfortunately, stress and conflict can creep in and fracture the dynamic between management, employees, and clients — with your reputation on the line.

Imagine: you walk into work one day blissfully unaware that you have made everyone angry with that not-so-carefully crafted fundraising e-mail you haphazardly sent out. How do you respond? Do you know how to tread gently to fix the situation? You have two choices. One ends up with you gaining everyone’s respect and solidifying a planned giving contract. The other ends with you being knocked down a peg in your team’s eyes. 

You can ward off resentment that can take down even the best leader by creating a strong, professional bond with your team. Opening lines of communication, allowing transparency, and defining clear, cohesive goals are the keys to getting everyone on the same page for the best result. 

We have created this section to introduce simple, effective tactics that can improve your leadership skills. We know you’re busy leading everyone down the path to success, so they’re easy to implement. Now is the best time to mold yourself into the best manager you can be —  great leaders guide even better teams. For a much more serious approach, attend our Non-Profit Leadership Academy.

The crisis was averted and you met your fundraising goal — look at you go! 

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Remember to keep the following articles handy to reference any time your team keeps you on your toes.