Job Interview

Tips for Job Interviews in the Non-Profit Sector

Job interviews have evolved in recent years. Gone are the days of walking into an office to interview for a position. Especially in the COVID-19 age, the vast majority of employers prefer to conduct interviews through video conferences. This can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate for people who do not have experience using software like this. A new challenge is presented with a technology learning curve and creating an aesthetic background. Learning the skills required to present yourself on Skype or Zoom is vital for success in the workplace. It is likely that any fundraising donor meetings you conduct as a major gifts officer will happen online as well.

While the process has changed, many interview basics have remained the same. Ensuring you look professional, are well-spoken, and clearly answer questions are the building blocks of a successful interview. Preparing for your major gifts officer interview by researching the company, speaking to current non-profit employees, and practicing anticipated questions can help you knock it out of the park.

Location is not the only thing that has changed about job interviews. Potential employees are moving away from solely trying to prove what they can offer a company and increasingly focusing on what the company can offer them. In a world where any job can be at your fingertips, and culture of experienced working women who are beginning to demand more from their employers, the major gifts officer interview process has become a two-way street. Employees are looking for a comfortable work environment, a focus on work/life balance, and income equality. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential major gifts employer any questions that may be deal-breakers. They have to impress you too, after all.

The major gifts officer interview process can be daunting, but it helps to be prepared. We have compiled this resource library to help you feel comfortable as you seek a new fundraising position. Keep it handy to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running in your next interview.

Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking 101

One of the biggest obstacles about to speak in public is stage fright. Even experienced actors still feel some stage fright before a big performance. There are ways to combat stage fright so you can feel confident when you go out there to deliver your speech.