Career Advancement

Become A Powerful Force In The Workplace

No matter the industry, maximizing career achievement is always the goal. Nobody wants to stay stagnant in their position, which is the most important influence in the work grind culture. Most people work hard and cope with workplace stress because they are motivated to do better than the status quo. Climbing to the top of the ladder in your field takes commitment. Doing the same thing you’ve always done is going to keep you exactly where you are. Who wants to watch someone with half of their experience become their manager? Not you, that’s for sure. 

Moving on up takes strategy and continued learning. Remaining teachable by mentors and people who have different experiences is so important. Developing a well-rounded skill set of leadership, negotiation, time management, and networking is vital to career progression. Knowing how to respond to whatever is thrown at you during the day is a skill so many people don’t develop. If you can master these abilities, you will be surprised how quickly you can rank up in your workplace. 

People aren’t born successful. They work hard, quietly develop their skills and continue to work on their own self-improvement. When you see someone become an overnight success, chances are that person has been working hard behind the scenes to become the current version of themselves. Using the major gifts industry as an example, when someone has landed a huge planned giving donor while some are still struggling with basic fundraising, this is a great opportunity to analyze each person’s behaviour. Observation is a critical skill. It doesn’t make sense to follow people who haven’t already achieved what you want to achieve. Mentors are everywhere. 

We have compiled a ton of resources for you. From choosing the right career, adjusting to a new workplace, or negotiating with your difficult manager, we’ve covered it all. If you’re looking to really take charge and advance in your career, this is the place to start.

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