You know that networking is the name of the game in growing your organization. You meet someone, they pass your name along, and boom – a new opportunity is knocking on your door. Building the right connections and getting your name out there is vital for the continued growth and development of your career. 

The extraordinary power of digital networking has opened global opportunities in every industry, not just in nonprofits. With the continued rapid growth of digitalization, never have you had the chance to connect with like-minded people across the nation as you can today. You now have the incredible opportunity to lead a team that could be made up of experts on the other side of the country. Looking to fundraise for an important cause? No longer are you limited within your local community or even your own country. You can host a meeting, network with potential major gift donors, and immediately access resources to secure planned gifts from across the continent.

Improving your digital presence is the foundation of making connections that can swing doors wide open in a global market. This is an area that many organizations are slow to develop, which is a huge oversight on their part. Building community across multiple platforms is a breeze, and it is easy to find talent to help you out when your hiring pool is the entire world. Digital networking is critical but it doesn’t have to be hard. The truth is, it couldn’t be simpler.

We know this is a top priority for many nonprofit leaders and fundraisers, so we have condensed our best advice into this guide for you. Discover how to implement clear, actionable steps that can strengthen your digital outreach and attract a whole world of authentic connections.

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