Stress Management

Mental Well Being In The Workplace

If you come home from your job and you find yourself unable to let go of the workday, know that you’re not alone. We function in a society that allows anxiety and work stress to be ingrained as valued qualities. Carrying the weight of daily frustrations is the best way to spiral towards professional burnout. Commuting, work responsibilities, daycare pickup, buying groceries on the way home — as a professional, your daily stresses continue until the bitter end of the day. You greet the morning with notifications and e-mails. Finding time to fit in friendships, relationships, and taking care of your physical health is often challenging, but there is a solution. Taking charge, creating a routine, and a wellness plan to ensure your mental well-being is crucial to showing up as the best version of yourself in business and life. Rituals such as meditation, yoga, and journaling are exceptionally helpful in getting to know yourself and what you need to stay balanced and successful.

In a society where mental health days are rarely granted, it often falls on our shoulders to be advocates for stress management in the workplace. Signing petitions, fundraising for mental health initiatives(including planned gifts from donors) are all excellent ways to get involved in advocacy for stress management and emotional well-being in your professional life.

You know you are not super-human. You deserve to lead a balanced life that allows space for opportunity. We have created a comprehensive stress management guide to help you dial in your stress and create a plan with the hope that you can turn to it when work/life balance feels unmanageable. If you find that being in a leadership role in your profession is causing stress, check out our Leadership & Management guide to create a cohesive workplace.

We hope these articles can serve as a reference to keep it all under control!

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