Invest in Yourself

Learn how to maintain your professional and personal development.

Being a successful fundraiser depends on more than having basic industry knowledge or credentials after your name. That is why we created a resourceful forum that will help YOU prepare yourself for growth while staying on top of new developments in planned giving

Professional development is crucial for both your career and personal life. Most of our skills come from experiences – from being in the trenches and honing our capabilities on the job – and also from personal development (see The Success Brain). 

CFRE certification and continuing your education indicate a fundraiser’s commitment to professional growth in the field. We strongly encourage going for your CFRE degree. You can begin by browsing through our CFRE’s study aids.

We are providing you with the tools you need to becoming a good Major Gifts Officer (MGO).

Time Management for Leadership

Time Management for Leadership

Time management is much more than organizing your to-do list. It’s a philosophy. This book contains unconventional, ruthless advice for the busy fundraiser.

Provides Earning Potential

An AFP survey shows CFREs earn, on average, 23 percent more than their counterparts.

Successful Executive

Increases Credibility

Certification affirms that your knowledge and experience meet international standards in philanthropy. Credibility means:

Enhances Professionalism

Certification programs promote and develop professionals who can stand out as role models in the fundraising field.

Man woman studying for CFRE
Successful Male Executive

Improves Career Opportunities

Certificants have an edge when being considered for employment or promotion.

Empowers You for Responsibilities

The training required to achieve and maintain certification improves skills and knowledge critical to managing increasing challenges.

Two Female Executives

Builds Self-Esteem

Achieving certification brings personal satisfaction and professional confidence.