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Taking Charge Of Your Career

Building the foundation of a remarkable career used to be simple. After leaving university, you chose something that paid well, provided stability, and gave you several weeks of vacation each year. In this rapidly growing digital age, however, you may find yourself reconsidering your previous choices, no matter how many years you have already punched with your employer. Doors are opening in all industries to welcome freelance talent. You may find yourself constantly learning new technology and software just to complete basic tasks. Maybe you’ve found yourself under the management of someone who has half the experience you have. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of the same grind day after day. Maybe you’re just bored.

Whatever your situation, self-employment and freelance work are becoming increasingly appealing options. Artists, writers, and even professional fundraisers are breaking free from the constraints of managers and employers. The idea of working for yourself and signing your own clients is becoming the dream for people of all ages. Being able to set your own schedule and holidays? Yes, please!

Making that transition is a little scary. Keeping up with new technology and trends is a full-time job. To solidify your position as a flexible, dependable professional, it is essential to continuously take steps to take charge of your career development. Evolving in your field is the only way to ensure that you are always at the top of the ladder. 

Luckily, you don’t have to pay for quality information that can skyrocket your career. Whether you want to improve your communication skills with your team, open your very own studio or spark a freelance gift planning career, we have compiled a huge, easy-to-read resource to guide you in the right direction.

Keep it handy to reference in case you need a change of pace!