Guide to Getting More Done in Less Time

Yes, time is a luxury!  Each of us only has 1440 minutes per day and they go by quickly.  Surely you don’t want to waste any of them!  You can complete every item on your to-do list with time to spare if only you maximized your time efficiency!

Below are some suggestions to help you get more done in less time:                                         

  1. The key to successful time management is organization. Before completing a task, be sure to take a few moments to think.  Whether small or large task, create a time-saving game plan. Layout all of your supplies.  Know exactly where you’ll start and where you want to finish.
  • Create a checklist and check it twice. When laying out your supplies, put them in the order that they’ll be used. By doing this, you’re able to shave a few seconds off of your project time whenever you reach for supplies.
  • Even if you don’t have supplies, you can still benefit from a checklist. Create milestones. If you’re checking the milestones off as scheduled, you’ll know that you’re on the right track. If you’re checking them later than scheduled, it’s time to speed things up.
  1. Work in spurts. If you have a time-consuming task to take on, work in spurts rather than dreading the hours of work that are ahead. Working in spurts of 25 minutes will give you a five-minute break in between. It still allows you 50 minutes of work time without feeling worked to the bone.
  • It is important to focus solely on the task at hand while working in spurts. If you take even a two-minute break, you’ve lost two minutes of work time and increased your break time by 20%.
  • Concentrate on the one task at hand. If you’re painting a room, the only activity that you should be doing throughout your 25 minutes is rolling paint onto the wall and reloading your paint roller. Do not use the restroom.  Do not change the song, nor help your spouse in another room – do just painting.
  1. Power-up correctly. It is extremely important to start the day off on the right foot in order to be efficient. First, get a good night’s sleep. If your mornings are dependent on your consumption of coffee, drink a healthy-sized cup of coffee.  You may accompany it with an equally healthy breakfast.
  • Wake up early. You’ll feel more energized after breakfast and coffee at 7:00 am rather than 11:00 am. Plus, you’ll add extra hours to your day. This allows you to cross off tasks on your to-do list even sooner. Then, the rest of the day is yours!
  1. Eliminate all interruptions. Distractions are a part of life.  Everyone’s schedule is susceptible to them so instead of trying to fight them off, eliminate them completely.
  • Turn off the computer, place your cell phone on silent, and unplug the television and all other things that are known to be a source of distraction to you. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to channel surf, catch up on your Facebook friends, or chat away when your friend calls.
  • If you need to get something done on the computer in a timely fashion, block the websites that are known distractions by using LeechBlock, a Firefox plugin. This plugin allows you to restrict your visitation to the websites of your choosing.
  1. Invest in time-saving assets. The final, and probably the most important step, is to invest in items or services which permanently shave minutes off of your day. It may be more money upfront, but you can potentially shave hours of chores off of your to-do list each week.
  • Invest in an automatic floor cleaner to automatically clean the floors weekly. A lawn mowing service, purchasing a dishwasher, and opting for carpooling are additional strategies that can shave time off of your to-do list.

Whether you’re hoping to finish multiple tasks more quickly or simply shave minutes off of your everyday responsibilities, it can be done. Increasing your level of efficiency and focus are the only requirements. To this end, these simple tips will make maximizing your time a breeze.