Do More in Less Time – And Have More Time for Yourself

Getting things done brings such a great feeling of accomplishment.  It can also be overwhelming if the task seems insurmountable.  But there are times when the days just don’t seem long enough to do everything we want to do. When that happens, worry can set in, but it doesn’t have to!

You can do more than you ever thought was possible, and in less time too, giving yourself time to relax and really enjoy life! 

Begin with a solid foundation of time management and scheduling. It is okay if you’re not a good time manager right now, but you can learn to be. A little bit of practice and you’ll soon be getting more and more done.

When you see how much you’re accomplishing, you’ll work even harder during your busy times, and enjoy those free times more thoroughly.

The following scheduling strategies will help you become an expert manager of your time:

  1. Schedule your life for maximum benefit. You can avoid procrastination and the big stressed-out rush to meet a deadline by scheduling each day and using just a bit of self-discipline to stick to your schedule.
  • Break things down into smaller tasks. Think of this – do you have a big presentation coming up at work in two weeks? Never ever try to do it the night before it’s due or you’ll fail. Start now! Working for just a half hour each day can help you get that presentation done with plenty of time to spare.
  • You can better utilize your time by scheduling your day according to your priorities. Avoid wasting time doing unproductive things, like watching television or waiting for the next item on your to-do list to come to you. 
  1. Disallow doubts from getting in your way. That little voice in the back of your mind that tells you, “It’s too much work,” or “It’s not going to happen,” doesn’t know what it’s talking about!
  • You can do anything you set your mind to. Keep that thought in mind as you go through your day. The more you think it – or even say it out loud – the more you’ll internalize and believe it.
  • When you remind yourself how much you’re capable of doing, you’ll work harder so you can reap the rewards of being done with work.
  • No matter how you reward yourself, make it a point to do so regularly. Done with that presentation? Take the evening off ! Watch your favorite movie! Dine in your favorite restaurant! Whatever reward works for you is a good one – as long as the work’s done first.  
  1. Recognize when you’re getting stressed and why. In an effort to get more done, sometimes, you will find that you aren’t getting the time for yourself that you had hoped for. When this happens, stop, think and reassess your schedule.
  • Are you following your agenda? Are you productive during your scheduled working times? Have you been meeting your goals? Where can you make changes for better success?
  • Do you focus to get your work done during your working hours? If not, you may still have to work when you should already be relaxing. This is a vicious circle that leaves you feeling stressed, while getting nowhere.
  1. Remove your stressors while building in stress relief. Think about the following as you go about your workday:
  • Focus during working hours. You’ll surely complete each task much sooner. Get your drudgery tasks out of the way as quickly as possible to make more time for more enjoyable tasks.
  • Work time is for work only – so eliminate distractions. Ringing phones and other issues can stop you from accomplishing your work on time. Forward calls to your voice mail and establish “do not disturb” times. You’ll be surprised at how much work you can get done without distractions!
  • If you complete your tasks ahead of time, keep working until your schedule says it’s time to stop. Perhaps you can tackle some work for the next day to get ahead. Being a little ahead gives you the flexibility to take care of unavoidable emergencies without falling behind in productivity.
  • Recognize when you need a break. People are not machines so your schedule should reflect that. Realistic break times should be part of even the busiest schedule.

In the end, by planning your time wisely, you’ll accomplish more and be able to reap the many benefits of true relaxation when you’re done. It’s well worth the effort!