Managing Your Anger

If you occasionally find yourself doing or saying things in anger that you later regret, good news! You can alter how you respond to feelings of anger.

This process will help you to tame your angry feelings for a more positive outcome: 
  1. Stay in touch with your feelings.
  2. Learn to identify your emotions.
  3. Recognize the first signs of negative feelings.
  4. Take a few relaxed, steady, deep breaths and a 10-second break before you speak.
  5. State briefly how you feel and let others know you’re taking a short time-out.
  6. Remove yourself from the situation to give yourself time to calm down.
  7. Focus on solutions, not just venting.
  8. Use a little humor to help diffuse the situation.
  9. Practice letting go of negative feelings and being able to forgive.
  10. Journal your feelings. Leave your feelings of anger on the paper.
  11. Soothe yourself with activities that help calm and relax you.
  12. Discuss the situation later, using “I” statements and a calm tone of voice.
  13. Let your partner or colleague know that you’re working on your anger issues.
  14. Use exercise as a tool to help release your negative emotional energy.
  15. Know when an expert is needed to help you deal with your anger.
  16. Celebrate small successes where you managed your anger effectively.