Give and Take

Writing a letter or note
Planned Giving

CEO Note

If my name were in your database, it would be flagged as an ideal planned giving prospect. Why? I’m over 60. I own a business and real estate (which can be planned gifts). I have no kids. I give annually to a number of charities.

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angry bird looking at camera
Estate Planning

A Lesson from an Early Bird

I picked up my coffee this morning at our local WaWa (for those of you who aren’t on the East Coast, you’ll have to Google that) and drove to our office in Valley Forge, PA. After an uneventful, pleasant drive that gave me a little extra planning time, I pulled into my parking space ready to start the day. I opened the door to get out …

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Woman In Front of PC Writing Her Will

Q&A with Viken Mikaelian Re Online Will Planner

The number one reason some nonprofits do not want a will maker on their planned giving website is because they know “better.” Fundraisers are deeply rooted in their belief that a donor should use an attorney to draft a will. True. But it’s not our decision.

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