Give and Take

Interruptions Tweets Social Media
Personal Development
Viken Mikaelian

Workus Interruptus

Endless texts, tweets, emails, calls, chats, IMs, Facebook updates… A barely digested cacophony of overwhelmingly irrelevant mind-trash, all uncontrolled by you, all buzzing and vibrating and robbing you of the attention you need to get your work done.

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Change Your Life
Nonprofit Leadership
Viken Mikaelian

Change Your Life in Just 6 Months

I’ve moved away from making goals for the year. A year is too long! And longer-term goals like, “I want to be worth $50 million in five years” are good, motivating, but can be overwhelming. You can change your life in just half a year. Here’s how.

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eBook Cover - 25 Ways to Influence Others

25 Ways to Influence Others

Influencing others is a skill that can be learned and developed into an art form. Here are some easy techniques to help you to develop your influence.