Sample Questions to Ask Donors

Female fundraiser interviewing older donor couple

The sample questions previously on this page are now part of an extensive and exclusive collection of questions in our publication: Questions that Unlock Planned Gifts.

Discover why you need to ask a quality question to get a quality answer. These sample questions are not meant to be asked in any particular order, or even in every situation. Some of these questions may sound trivial. Remember, they are meant as opportunities to keep the conversation going, change the pace or direction of the interview, and uncover small details to make the donor more relatable to the reader. You don’t need to ask every question, and some questions are even for small talk. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s Not Easy

Interviewing donors, asking the right questions and extracting their stories takes a special skill. It can be learned; but if your schedule is tight consider outsourcing it to a professional firm that does it on a regular basis.

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