Five Reasons Your Donors Need a Free Online Will Planner

man planning at the computer

There’s no getting around two simple facts:

1) Every adult should have a will or estate plan

2) Most adults (now 67%!), at least here in America, don’t have a will or estate plan.

This means the majority of folks out there are letting the state decide what will happen to their assets after death.

You should already be promoting the importance of estate planning (and by extension, marketing your planned giving program) to your donors. We offer a simple toolkit to cover most needs. But to really help your donors—who in turn, will help you—you need a free online will planner incorporated in your planned giving website. Here are five reasons why:

1) Awareness isn’t enough. A study showed the pandemic increased Americans’ awareness of the need for a will … but most people still haven’t acted on it! By offering them a free, easy, and secure alternative like LegacyPlanner, you’ll eliminate excuses and inspire action.

2) The Economy Folks are starting to tighten their belts. The last thing they want to do is spend hundreds (or thousands …) on a lawyer. A free will planner like LegacyPlanner is perfect for most simple estate planning needs; is legal in all 50 states; and can even be used to plan a will before having it reviewed and finalized by an attorney—thereby reducing billable hours!

3) It’s the perfect CTA Every marketer worth their salt knows a powerful call to action is a must. By having a free will planner integrated into your planned giving website, you’re giving donors the perfect opportunity to follow through.

4) Donor gratitude Creating a will or an estate plan brings a sense of relief because you know your family will be cared for when you’re gone. Donors basking in that warm glow will feel grateful that your nonprofit helped them achieve that goal—for free, no less!—and will be much more likely to remember you in the estate plan your organization essentially helped them to create.

5) Some people want convenience There are lots of people who do not want to sit with a lawyer for who-knows-how-long, talking about sensitive topics like money, death, and relationships. Although they understand that a lawyer would ensure every detail is covered, they’ll never be convinced of the need to hire one. A legal, DIY solution like LegacyPlanner lets them take control of their future on their own terms. Plus, it’s simple, secure, private, and convenient!

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