Give and Take

Female Fundraiser With Donor Discussing Stock Investments
Camilyn Leone

Kitchen Drawer Philanthropists

I visited Frank many times while I worked for the Children’s’ Museum. Each time I saw him, we sat in the kitchen, talked about the museum. Then, he would reach over and open that kitchen drawer and pull out a beautifully engraved stock certificate. I would carefully carry this gift back to the museum and turn it into a charitable gift annuity.

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Thank You Letter
Fundraising Strategy
Joe Garecht

How to Write a Great Donor Thank You Letter

One of your most important roles as a non-profit fundraiser is to steward your current donors so that they keep giving year after year.  The starting point for this process is your donor thank you letter.

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Virtual Fundraising
Fundraising Strategy
Viken Mikaelian

Virtual Major Gift Fundraising — A Trend For The Future

As a major gift officer, it is vital to remain flexible. When society was forced into the virtual world, successful fundraisers jumped with it. The need for donations does not stop despite world events, and leading nonprofits took the opportunity to use a new resource for major gift fundraising.

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eBook Cover - 25 Ways to Influence Others

25 Ways to Influence Others

Influencing others is a skill that can be learned and developed into an art form. Here are some easy techniques to help you to develop your influence.