31 Quality Questions to Ask Planned Giving and Major Gifts donors and Prospects

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A Primer for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Donor Interview to Create a Great Donor Story


Knowing how to ask the right questions is an essential skill — one that can translate to success in all areas of your career and life. Good questions are the key to getting the kind of valuable information you need from a donor interview to write engaging, inspiring stories.

But sometimes, it can be a real struggle to generate a list of high-quality questions. How do you get donors to open up about their lives, their gifts, and their passion for your mission?

  • What do you ask?
  • Which questions are relevant?
  • Which questions are appropriate?
  • Which questions cross the line?
  • What do you do if a subject isn’t talkative?

Ask a Quality Question, Get a Quality Answer

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Negotiation and Leadership

Learning how to negotiate (visit our library of negotiation articles) and learning how to become a nonprofit leader will strengthen all the skills you need to conduct a good interview.

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