Are we Tribalistic in Nature?

Image Depicting a Tribe

Humans are basically tribalistic in nature.  Political, religious, racial, sexual, economic, nationalistic, educational and many other forms of tribalism can either divide us or connect us.


If we think back to early man, tribes were formed for survival by providing basic needs of food, shelter, and protection.  We evolved along Maslow’s Hierarchy to ultimately attain self-actualization.

Or have we?

During this past year we have seen a polarization of society on so many fronts not seen since the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

With the depth of technology and information at our disposal, we still have a fear factor that brings us back to the fundamental questions of our species: “Who can we trust?”, “What is credible?”, “Who really cares for us?” and “Who shares our belief systems?”  The answers to these questions are the pillars that will sustain relationships between people and brands.

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Fundraising technologies may have changed, but humans’ basic needs and questions have not. has the tools you need to remain aware of the tribe mentality that drives your prospects’ decisions.