Planned Giving Social Media Posts

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Planned giving is simple. Getting your donors and prospects to think about naming your organization takes time and cultivation.

Demystifying some complexities and misconceptions is critical but necessary part of the process. The first step is to get them thinking about planned giving and reminding them that your organization is willing, ready, and able to accept planned gifts. Invite them to consider naming your organization and open the door for them to either start a dialogue on the topic or continue the conversation.


This booklet contains 75 Facebook posts you can use, modifying them based on your organization, to ensure you stay top of mind as your donors and prospects determine both their charitable and financial plans.

These posts can also be used as conversation starters or as sidebars in brochures, newsletters, etc.

Of course, you should already be talking about planned giving. If you’re not, the content provided can serve as an editorial calendar while you create some more personalized content. Or, simply sprinkle in the posts with your current social media plan. Publishing 2-3 of the pre-generated posts in this eBook per week can give you six-to-nine month’s worth of planned giving content.

Includes bonus creative suggestions.