Great Wealth Transfer Is Here

Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?

You don’t want to miss out on what we found.

Attorney and planned giving expert Jonathan Gudema reviewed key data points (Giving USA, VSE/CASE, IRS, Census Bureau and more) to determine if the “Great Wealth Transfer” — as predicted in the mid-1990s — is finally happening now, in 2021.

This online presentation is not just an eye-opener, it goes against almost everything the so-called experts predicted — including a dip in donations we were warned about and never occurred.

Jonathan’s presentation includes over 60 data-filled slides, including the actual PowerPoint so that you can create your own presentations. That’s right — we’re giving you the rights!

Other questions that Jonathan addresses:

  • Did the 2018 tax plan – which sharply reduced the number of itemizers – irreparably damage fundraising?
  • Where does planned giving stand against other streams of nonprofit fundraising revenue?
  • What are the trends we are seeing in the data?

So, is the wealth transfer really happening? You decide after this webinar.

Don’t wait. Register today to learn more and get the edge you need to succeed.

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Jonathan Gudema JD Planned Giving

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience working with and advising individuals and non-profit organizations on planned gift arrangements and tax-advantaged charitable estate planning options.  In addition to being a practicing attorney, he has also played key roles in helping non-profit organizations manage planned giving programs, working with staff, donors and their advisors in cultivating and closing significant planned gifts.

Jonathan spearheads The Planned Giving Boot Camp at Major Gifts LLC.


Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?
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