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For Donors

Ask a Quality Question, Get a Quality Answer

Do you struggle to generate exceptional questions for donor interviews? Then struggle no more: This post will show you a guaranteed way to generate thought-provoking interview questions that generate comprehensive, high-quality answers. And the best part is, whether it’s an interview for a donor story, annual report, board report, newsletter story — even a job or candidate interview — all of these skills will translate. Plus, we’ve included 31 sample questions that you can adapt for your next donor interview.

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Thank You Letter
Fundraising Strategy
Joe Garecht

How to Write a Great Donor Thank You Letter

One of your most important roles as a non-profit fundraiser is to steward your current donors so that they keep giving year after year.  The starting point for this process is your donor thank you letter.

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eBook Cover - 25 Ways to Influence Others

25 Ways to Influence Others

Influencing others is a skill that can be learned and developed into an art form. Here are some easy techniques to help you to develop your influence.