Give and Take


Fundraising is the process of raising money to support a specific project. It plays a crucial role in making a positive professional impact.

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Preparing to speak publicly
Professional Development
Viken Mikaelian

The Perils of Public Speaking 

Being a presenter or speaker is always a challenge. You do not know how the audience is going to respond, and projecting confidence while keeping a good sense of humor is paramount.  

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Eagle Flying Depicting Major Gifts
Fundraising Strategy
Viken Mikaelian

How To Excel in Major Gifts

Major Gifts Officer (MGO) careers are a hot pick for anyone looking to actively work with non-profits. This role allows you to make an impact, connect with people, and aid in the financial longevity of a cause that you believe in. This is an exceptionally hands-on, people-facing career that can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. And yes, most jobs pay well, too.

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People grouped together on a background showing a checkmark and success
For Donors
Viken Mikaelian

Major Gift Solicitation Basics

Major gift solicitation is an art that can make or break your fundraising goals. This guide can help you increase your chances of receiving a major donation. 

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eBook Cover - 25 Ways to Influence Others

25 Ways to Influence Others

Influencing others is a skill that can be learned and developed into an art form. Here are some easy techniques to help you to develop your influence.