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Advanced Storytelling

Typewriter - What is your story?

Patrick O’Donnell



A Course for Fundraisers and Changemakers

Politicians, CEOs and the media know how to use storytelling to their advantage. Now it’s your turn.

This in-depth, multi-component seminar will show you how to harness the power of effective storytelling to create change, advance your nonprofit’s mission, attract donations, and be your organization’s new VIP.

Good stories create a powerful emotional catalyst that generates action. They mobilize your supporters, help advance your mission, and are the driving force behind donations. In fact, stories are the most powerful fundraising tool you have.

Advanced Storytelling for Nonprofits will show you how to write the types of stories your charity needs. You’ll learn the critical ingredients of an effective story that makes an impact; how to employ emotions to “sell” your mission to donors; and how to write for different purposes and different audiences.

You can offer the greatest gift options and employ the most charismatic fundraisers on the planet. You can have data out the wazoo. You can create the best website, print the most attractive brochures, and work for the greatest cause in human history … but without a good story, you’ll get nowhere.

This three-part course includes PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, handouts, and accompanying workbooks.

Those who tell the story rule the world.



(3 Part Course)

Tipsheets, worksheets, scripts & templates, and more.