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How to Overcome Laziness and Get Things Done

Who hasn’t felt a little lazy from time to time? We all are guilty of being lazy at times, right? There are days where the most attractive choice for us is to do nothing. This can be an issue, however, when the desire to be lazy coincides with a lot of pressing obligations.

Overcoming laziness is a skill everyone can learn and apply. You have to feel motivated to get things done. How?

Overcome laziness by applying these simple  tips: 

  1. Think about the final result rather than the process.
    The thought of having completed a campaign report or drafting a grant writing proposal or a clean house feels good. The idea of crunching numbers or cleaning the house does not. If you find yourself dragging your feet, think of the result to inspire you.
  2. Decide to work for just 5 minutes.
    Taking the first step is the most challenging part. It’s often easy to continue if you can just get started. Setting a small goal can make it easier to get up off the couch. Tell yourself you will work for only 5 minutes and quit after. More often than not, you’ll keep going. Focus on getting started.
  3. List the advantages of getting things done now.
    Think about the positive aspects of getting things done right now. You won’t have to worry about it tomorrow. It will be one less thing to weigh on your mind. Convince yourself that the time for action to overcome laziness is right now.
  4. List the disadvantages of waiting to complete your tasks. One reason we’re able to convince ourselves that laziness is okay is the belief that a task can wait.
    Remind yourself of the challenges that can be created by putting things off. Make a big list of everything that could go wrong if you continue to be lazy.
  5. Remind yourself of the challenges you faced by being lazy in the past.
    We’ve all put things off for too long and then suffered for it. Remind yourself of the real consequences you’ve faced in the past. Remember that pain and use it to inspire you.
  6. Have some exciting goals.
    If you feel lazy regularly, maybe your goals aren’t inspiring enough. One way of knowing you’ve set an effective goal is the excitement you feel when you think about achieving it.
  7. Break the task into smaller, manageable chunks.
    Huge tasks can be intimidating as well as overwhelming and build a barrier to overcome laziness. By making several small tasks, it’s much easier psychologically to get busy.
  8. Hit the gym.
    When you’re struggling to take action, sometimes a little physical activity is the answer. Go for a walk or lift some weights. Any activity that gets your heart pumping can be effective to get you started on a task that you’re putting off.
  9. Get organized.
    It’s common to feel less than motivated when your surroundings are cluttered. Take a few minutes to make your surroundings a little tidier. It might be the kick-start you need to leap into action.
  10. Manage your self-talk.
    Tell yourself how great it will be to get a lot of things done and off your plate. Stand up straight, take a deep breath, and keep positive thoughts in your mind. You’ll feel the energy and the motivation you need to forge ahead.
  11. Take a nap.
    Is it possible you’re tired? Feeling lazy and genuine fatigue go hand-in-hand. Getting a little sleep might be beneficial if you are tired.

Enjoying a lazy Sunday is certainly pleasurable. Feeling lazy on occasion is normal.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s always acceptable. There are times when being lazy can create real challenges. Overcoming the urge to be lazy is a useful life skill that can provide meaningful benefits. What will you do the next time you’re feeling lazy?

Begin to overcome laziness today.