Banish Distractions and Develop Laser-Like Focus

The ability to concentrate differs for every person, but everyone can learn to concentrate more effectively. You can do more in less time if you enhance your ability to focus. A state of focus can also be relaxing, and with only one thing on your mind, your brain is less busy.

It’s very difficult for a mind that is highly preoccupied to accomplish anything.

Develop greater focus and enjoy the benefits:

  1. Build motivation. Before starting a task that requires focus and attention, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Define what you hope to accomplish. Identify the benefits you will gain from completing the task., What will happen if you don’t get it done?
  • When you are highly motivated, focus is easier to achieve.
  1. Remove distractions. Do these things if you feel like – close the door, clear your desk, turn off the phone, avoid accessing your internet. Also, let others know that you prefer not to be disturbed. There’s a reason why monks from Eastern Religions remove themselves from everyday society – because of all of the distractions.
  2. Only work on one thing at a time. Research reveals that it’s a mistake to move back and forth between several tasks because it will take time for your brain to readjust. It takes time to get back into the flow of things. Productivity rises when you stick to one task, complete it, and then move on.
  3. Practice focusing. Live a life of focus. While watching your daughter’s soccer game, try to keep your full attention and thoughts on the game. See how long you last until your thoughts wander. Can you keep your eyes and thoughts on the road while driving or eat dinner without thinking about anything besides your food and the other people at the table?
  4. Take frequent breaks. Do you consider breaks a waste of time?  Don’t!  You’ll be surprised to find out that you get more jobs done over the course of a day by taking short breaks.  No one can maintain a state of high focus throughout the day. Take short breaks and give your brain a quick rest. You’ll soon discover that you can spend more total time focused with breaks than without.
  5. Drop the non-essential. Having so many things in your life is absolutely distracting. Every part of your life is taking up space in your head. To have more free time, why not drop the television shows that you don’t love, quit the Elks Club if isn’t worth the time, and other activities that are not essential in your life.
  • Free up some space in your life and your brain. You’ll find it much easier to stay focused on the things that really matter to you.
  1. Learn to meditate. Set aside time for meditation daily. Meditation is all about learning how to control and focus your attention. There are numerous books, videos, and courses available online. You probably have a meditation center in your local area, too.
  2. Eat and sleep. If you’re tired, you can’t focus. If your body is running on empty, you can’t focus. You only have one body so take care of it so it can support your efforts to focus. Caffeine, in the proper dose, can help with concentration, but too much caffeine can make focus impossible.
  3. Have a schedule. It’s easier to concentrate if you know when to start and when to stop. Focusing is hard if you don’t even know what you need to do or when you’ll be finished.

Learning to control your attention is a process. One of the quickest ways to enhance your ability to focus is the removal of distractions. Eliminate distractions, take good care of your body, and learn how to meditate. You’ll soon have a laser-like ability to focus on whatever activity you need to do.