6 Ways to Incorporate Short Breaks into Your Work Day

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the projects you’re juggling while you’re at work? It’s okay, that’s common. Concentrating for a long period of time can be taxing both physically as well as emotionally. More often, this results in a tired mind, aching muscles, and a complete lack of energy.

What is the best way to do to rest and revive yourself for short periods of time while working and still be productive? 

Check out some of these tips for incorporating short breaks into your daily work routine:

  1. Close your eyes, relax and listen to three songs on your MP3 player. A lot of people have their favorite music readily accessible on their MP3 player, phone, or other electronic devices. Choose music that relaxes you, put your head down on your desk, and listen to a few songs.
  • Let your stress float away and clear your mind as you allow the music to flow in.
  • Music calms the body and soul. After three songs, you’ll be surprised at how relaxed you feel. You will recover the strength needed to make it through the rest of the day.
  1. Close your office door, prop your feet, and lean back. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and count backward from 50 to 1. You’ll be pleased by the sound and feel of your own ability to inhale and exhale. Then, open your eyes and you’ll discover how refreshed you are.
  1. Take a brisk 10-minute walk. No matter how big or small your office, you can always take a stroll around the building. If you need some fresh air, go outside and walk around the area. Getting your blood pumping at an optimum level will make you feel invigorated!
  1. Spray cool water on your face. Go to the restroom, splash cool water on your face and wrists, and then dry them off. Oftentimes, cool stimulation to those areas is not only refreshing but can also wake you up if you’re feeling sleepy.
  • You can also wet a paper towel with cool water. Then you can continually blot your face, neck, arms, and wrists to stimulate your senses.
  • It’s amazing how much this little break can brighten you up and let your positive energy flow again.
  1. Unwind, calm down and rejuvenate with a power nap. If your employer allows you a 15-minute break in the afternoon, use it to take a siesta. Even if you don’t usually do this, give it a try and you will be surprised at the result.
  • Set your mobile phone alarm for ten minutes and try to snooze. If you have your own room in the office, close your door, get comfortable in your chair, and take a few minutes of rest.
  • When the alarm goes off, you still have five minutes left. You can take a brief walk around your department, get a refreshing drink of water, or have quick chat in the break room, then go back to work.
  1. Go for a change of scenery. You might break out of your pothole when you’re able to transform your view.
  • If you work in a large office, you could try working inside the conference room or try sitting in a different chair, or even on the couch in your office.
  • If you work from home, you can bring your laptop outside, or you can sit on the veranda to work or work in the living room if you’re the only one home.

Although work can be tedious, you have some options in what you can do to unwind and revitalize throughout the day.

Remember, you can use music, deep breathing techniques, walking, cool water splashes, power napping, and scenery changes in order to keep yourself alert and stay focused. These techniques will help you embrace that next big project with optimism and renewed energy.