Reduce Your Stress Worksheet

Highlight any of the following stressors that you can reduce or eliminate within the next week/month/quarter/6 months/year.  Write the anticipated date of resolution by each statement.  

  1. Resolve crucial legal, tax, or financial problems.
  2. Delegate or automate bills and paperwork.
  3. Clean the house and/or office.
  4. Cut volunteer work unless it directly helps the nonprofit or your soul.
  5. Decrease time with individuals who only bring you stress.
  6. Find someone to take care of your errands and routine daily tasks.
  7. Declutter unnecessary items from your life.
  8. Eliminate promises that simply cannot be met.
  9. Examine your current work situation and determine if it brings more negative than positive to your life. 

Prioritize these based on the anticipated date of completion.