Beating Worry and Anxiety Worksheet

Live Life to the Fullest and Minimize Your Stress

Anxiety and worry detract from the level of enjoyment in your life, as well as contribute to physical and emotional challenges. Each person’s anxiety and worry are unique. It’s important to discover the best ways to address your own situation.

Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how you can defeat worry and anxiety in your life:

  1. How do worry and anxiety affect my life?
  2. What changes can I make to my diet and exercise routine to reduce the level of stress in my body?
  3. Am I getting enough sleep? If not, how can I change my schedule to accommodate more sleep?
  4. When could I work a relaxation technique into my schedule? Which technique appeals to me the most?
  5. When could I make time for meditation? Do I feel comfortable that I know enough to try meditation? Where can I learn more?
  6. When am I least likely to be mindful? How does that hurt me?
  7. How does my view of the world increase the likelihood of feeling worried or anxious?
  8. Do I feel my level of anxiety is too great for me to handle without professional help? Where can I go for help?

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