8 Actions That Get You Past Your Perfectionism

Do you believe that perfectionism can cause paralysis? Why? It is because perfectionism creates fear and stops you from living your dreams. You always worry about making everything perfect, but in truth, nothing gets done.

These tips can help you to get past your perfectionism so you can move forward:

  1. Pay attention to your inner thoughts. Perfectionism can sneak up on you and take over your thoughts. Listen to your self-talk.
  • Try to stop negative thoughts such as, “You’re not good enough,” or, “Not like that! It must be perfect!”
  • In fact, substitute these negative thoughts with positive thoughts, like, “This looks great! You did a good job. It’s a fine effort.”
  1. Just get things done. When you’re too focused on making everything perfect, it slows you down. Instead, remember to stick to a schedule and meet deadlines.
  • Make your standards realistic.
  1. Focus on completing tasks on time instead of getting lost in the tiny details of each assignment.
  • Take action. Keep moving forward. Remember, you can improve as you go along.
  1. Forgive yourself and others. You can be free of perfectionism if you know how to forgive yourself as well as forgive others. Remind yourself that no one is perfect and everyone has faults. Therefore, learn to forgive yourself and others for mistakes.

Try to find beauty in the imperfect.

  1. Always remember that second chances are usually available. Even if you can’t do something perfectly the first time, you have the chance to fix it later.
  2. Celebrate even small wins. Instead of focusing on what still needs to be done, focus on your wins. Remember that each time you finish something, it’s a small victory. It’s important to celebrate your accomplishments – as tiny as it may seem.
    • Take a moment to celebrate and say thank you. Do something special for yourself.
  1. Avoid being overwhelmed by a mistake. Perfectionists can get upset when things go wrong and tend to overly blame themselves. Actually, you can take responsibility for your role in the mistake without being overwhelmed by it.
  • Learn to reframe the experience. Focus on the positive aspects, such as the lessons the mistake has taught you.
  • Keep in mind that failure is a normal part of the journey to success.
  • Avoid spending days going over the mistake in your mind. Then, learn to move past it.
  1. Find balance in your life. Your life may be ruined by perfectionism. It can creep into many parts of your life can take over your family, relationships, and career. It’s important to strive for balance. You have the power to do it.
  • Avoid focusing on just one aspect of your life. Instead, keep things balanced by spending time with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Never neglect important things such as your children, your hobbies, and your personal health.
  1. Change your mindset. Changing how you think about things can be a powerful way to combat perfectionism. Additionally, the way you view the world can influence every part of your being. Discover the good in everything and be happy with it.
  • Do you have an all-or-nothing attitude that paints everything in black or white? Or can you see the gray areas?
  1. The key to avoiding perfectionism is to realize that the world isn’t divided into perfect parts that can always be analyzed. Instead, it’s a complicated mix that has many moving parts. The same applies to your mind.
  • Focus on making progress. In fact, even a failure is progress because it moves you closer to finding success.

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Once you free your mind from perfectionism, the world will be at your doorstep.