9 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

Why do some people seem to manage life with ease? Their relationships seem to go smoothly. They get their work done on time. They don’t appear to have financial challenges. They maintain healthy body weight. They seem happy most of the time.

These folks don’t seem any more talented or intelligent than you. So what’s the difference?

Emotionally healthy people do things that others do not:

  1. They create healthy boundaries.
    Successful relationships—both professional and personal—require boundaries to ensure mutual respect. When boundaries are undefined or unhealthy, a relationship can negatively impact your life.
  2. They delay gratification.
    Whether you want to finish school, lose 20 pounds, or get your work done before 5:00 p.m., it’s necessary to delay gratification. Those who act impulsively and can’t delay gratification have difficulty following through with wise long-term decisions.
  3. They are comfortable by themselves.
    Can you sit quietly, by yourself, with nothing but your thoughts? Or does anxiety about your life create too much discomfort? How much time do you spend distracting yourself from reality?
  4. They can adapt to change.
    Do you go with the flow or does any change throw you for a loop? Emotionally healthy people can roll with the punches and maintain a positive attitude.
  5. They deal with discomfort effectively.
    Those who can’t deal with emotional discomfort let their feelings build up until they explode and make things chaotic. When you can take a deep breath and take effective immediate action in the face of emotional discomfort, life runs more smoothly.
  6. They love others.
    Only emotionally healthy people can truly positively love others. To care, trust, and attach to another person honestly requires good mental health.
  7. They take care of themselves physically.
    Do you make healthy dietary choices? Are you able to get yourself to exercise even if you don’t feel like it? Do you go to the doctor and dentist regularly? If your emotional health is up to par, you will do these things consistently.
  8. They are reliable.
    Can people count on you to keep your word? Fulfilling your promises and obligations is one sign of emotional health.
  9. They act proactively.
    Are you able to see potential hurdles and avoid them? Or do you wait until the wheels are coming off before you take action? Living well isn’t just about skillfully dealing with challenges. It’s also about intelligently avoiding them when possible.

And … they always focus on leadership skills.