24 Strategies to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence

Surprisingly, self-confidence comes not from some inner gift, but from the things you do.

Use these strategies to become more self-assured:
  1. Strive for excellence instead of perfection.
  2. Use positive self-talk and nip negative thoughts in the bud.
  3. Celebrate every success.
  4. Smile and look people in the eye.
  5. Make time to do what you love.
  6. Take control. Live your life with purpose.
  7. Give genuine compliments to others.
  8. Know your strengths.
  9. Accept your imperfections.
  10. Accept compliments.
  11. Look at the big picture. Focus on what’s most important to you.
  12. Avoid trying to impress others.
  13. Stick up for yourself, your rights, and your beliefs.
  14. Ask for help when you need it. The ability to ask is actually a sign of strength.
  15. Set goals and tackle them one step at a time.
  16. Engage in a kind act.
  17. If you’re struggling with a task, change your approach.
  18. Relax: take a few deep breaths and refocus your mind.
  19. Step out of your comfort zone to try something exciting and new.
  20. Start the day right with a positive morning routine
  21. Fake it. You’ll be surprised how much more confident you feel!
  22. Express gratitude.
  23. Be prepared so you feel like you know what you’re doing.
  24. Take care of your appearance. When you know you look great, you feel better about yourself.

And finally, don’t forget personal and professional development.