Your Resume

Creating an Exceptional Resume for a Major Gifts Position

Your resume is obviously an incredibly important tool in your major gifts officer job search. This is your first opportunity to impress your potential employer and receive a callback. It is essential that your resume is professional and really highlights how your fundraising skills will benefit the nonprofit you are applying for. Your work history is important, but more important are the skills you bring to the table.

Structuring your resume for easy readability is crucial. Major gifts recruiters and executive search firms are busy and they don’t have time to search for the information they need. Use headers and bullet points to lay out the most important information quickly. The reader should be able to scan the document and figure out if your fundraising experience is worth pursuing further. Using a template can help you speed up the process if you are unsure where to begin. You can add creative flair if you are entering an industry where this is encouraged.

Focusing on your fundraising achievements will help your resume get a second look. Employers want to know that they do not have to start from scratch training someone in planned giving skills. Highlighting your experience can help you land on a shortlist. Never misrepresent your fundraising work on a resume. If you don’t have the experience needed, talk about the experience you do have and your willingness to adapt.

In an ever-changing economy, it is sometimes difficult to know what employers are looking for, especially if you have not looked for a job in some time. We have created this resource library to help you make sure your presentation is appealing to potential employers. Bookmark it for when you’re ready to shake up your resume.