The Truth About Being Laid Off and How to Thrive in Spite of It

Just got laid off from your job? Being laid off is a trauma, a blow to your ego. If you’ve ever been laid off, you wonder if being just a little better, a little more enthusiastic, or a little more anything would have made you or your job worth saving. The many “what if’s” in your mind.

But in order to survive and even thrive in the wake of a professional trauma such as this, you need to, “let it go”.  

The loss of a job in these tumultuous economic times can be pretty scary. But being free from your job can also motivate you to finally do what you’ve always wanted to do. Being laid off could be your golden opportunity to change your life for the better.  

But how do you move past the feelings of devastation and take advantage of the situation?  

Use these strategies to emotionally deal with your lay-off and thrive: 

  1. Avoid panic. Remind yourself that you’ve successfully made it through tough times before. Remember, too, that you’re not alone. Others are going through what you’re experiencing right now. 
  • You can focus better and think more clearly when you consciously keep from giving in to panic. Practice deep breathing and meditating. Listen to music that calms you.
  1. Catch your breath. Process what happened — the reason(s) you lost the job. Was it a lay-off, a company down-size, or based on your work performance? Gain an understanding of why it happened. 
  • Allowing yourself time to think will help you move forward and leave regrets behind.
  1. Give yourself a break. Regardless of the reason, tell yourself that it was somehow destiny that you be “released” from the job. Avoid blaming yourself too harshly. 
  • Even if there were something you could have done differently, derive the life lesson and forgive yourself.
  1. View your situation as a fresh start. Consider that book closed. You’re now beginning a brand new story. Be optimistic. It’s so good for the soul to be able to go down a new path in your journey. Who doesn’t love a “do-over?” 
  2. See the silver lining. Ponder the idea that any difficulties you had at your former job are gone now. You’re looking at those old challenges in the rearview Ignite your passion for the future. 
  3. Consider your contacts. Who do you know who owns their own business? Do they need any help? What about your friends’ relatives and business contacts? 
  • Tactfully inquire if your peeps know anyone who could use some help right now. Let them know you’re available. Strive to discover every avenue to a new job.
  1. Open your mind to temporary work. You’ll be surprised at how much short-term employment is available through temp services, both online and in your community. 
  • Endeavor to focus less on the amount you’ll be paid and more on the opportunities that could be opening up for you. Look at it this way: anywhere you go to work you’ll be meeting new people, learning new things, and establishing business contacts. 
  1. Use this time to get training and education. You might be able to get funding to pursue the training or education you want or need. Check your local colleges, universities, and tech centers to find programs that are offering generous financial support. Move forward and expand your skills and know-how. 
  • You never know what can happen when you get some new knowledge. Plus, you’ll also make new job contacts by obtaining training and education.
  1. Follow your dreams.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do with your life? Now may be the chance you’ve needed to take that first step toward establishing the life you really want to live. Put your fears and insecurities behind you. Strengthen your resolve and go for it.
  2. Embrace the unknown with grace and enthusiasm. True, the unknown is scary. Sometimes though, it’s exciting and even life-changing. When you approach your jobless situation with optimism and confidence as if it’s a big adventure, you’ll likely experience positive results.

Losing your job can be the first step toward discovering the life you’ve dreamed about for years. Apply the above strategies to strengthen your efforts and energize your spirit to move toward your future with excitement.   

Remember that it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. 

The key to recovering after losing your career is realizing you are not your career. It may feel like you have died, but you have not. You will find your new life because you lost your old career. And you will find a new one soon.