Crack the Hidden Job Market by Becoming an Insider

Taking a part-time position or internship within an organization can be the key to launching a successful career. Consider these ways to get your foot in the door and show a potential employer all you can bring to the table:

  1. Complete an internship. If you excel at your position, you may have a shot at joining the staff. Pick an organization with a track record for hiring interns, and ask your supervisor for feedback to help you learn and grow.
  2. Consider temporary positions. Even if you’re looking for a permanent position, it may be worthwhile to accept temporary jobs—perhaps to assist with a particular project, especially if you’re currently unemployed. That way you may be able to view internal listings on the organization’s website, as well as network with employees who could have a say in hiring you.
  3. Do contract work. Contract assignments are another way to showcase your abilities at any stage in your career. Exceed expectations and let the organization know what kind of opportunities you’re looking for.


By becoming a known and reliable contributor to an organization in less formal ways, you are more likely to be considered for positions that might open in the future.