Choosing Between a Career Advancement Opportunity and a Job You Love

Choosing a career is one of life’s challenges!  Probably, this is the biggest decision you’ll make in your life. Choosing between the most enviable career and a job you love can be quite difficult. One part of you thinks about advancement and recognition. Then, the other part thinks about living with true peace of mind.

Now that you’re at this crossroads, you’ll need to come to a decision soon enough. As difficult as it is, now’s the time to weigh the pros and cons of both scenarios.

These thought process might be as simple as making some straightforward considerations:

  1. Consider additional responsibilities. Naturally, taking on additional responsibilities can come with its challenges. With the career advancement opportunity, the expectation may be for you to put even more effort into your work. Are you ready and willing to do that?
  • The question isn’t whether you are shying away from work or not. The mere fact that the great opportunity is open to you speaks to your work ethic. But where’s the point at which you can no longer take on more work?
  • Do you have the training and experience to take on everything being asked of you? Inexperience is hardly a reason to shy away from a job. But if your skills best serve the job you love, you may want to stick with that one.
  1. Determine which job facilitates balance. A job that facilitates balance ensures you have enough time each day to take care of other aspects of your life. This is important if you want to perform at your best.
  • Do you see compensation will help to create balance? Perhaps in your case, it does! Having sufficient earnings to take care of other elements of life is important, not only for you but for everyone.
  1. Consider your commitment. At this stage in your life, what are you prepared to commit? Are you at the point to give every ounce of energy to a job? Does one of the jobs require more than the other?
  • A job you love is easier to commit to. If it makes you happy, you’ll readily commit as much energy as you can to it. But is that also the case with your “dream job?”
  • It’s important to consider if years down the road, the job can give you the same amount of fulfillment. Is it possible that the excitement can wear off? And do you see yourself being less committed if that happens?
  1. Write down your expectations. It’s important to connect with what you expect from your job. Dedicate some time to writing down the things that you need your job to offer you. This list is an important factor in making your decision.
  • Do you want to feel comfortable discussing ideas with co-workers?
  • How about an opportunity to show your creative side? Even with a career advancement opportunity, being able to give your creative input can help to create a comfortable environment.

How to determine the direction of your work life is very crucial. It requires a lot of thought and consideration of what’s really important to you. Considering all the factors will help you choose the job that contributes most to your ultimate happiness and satisfaction