4 Steps to Selling Yourself as the Right Person for the Job

Dreaming of the job you’ve been wanting, and waiting forever, and finally being able to latch onto that dream job? It’s possible, and attainable if it relies on your ability to sell yourself, especially in an interview.

Being selected for the job requires finding a way to show the employer why you’re the best candidate. Of course, it can be a little difficult without preparation, so now’s the perfect time to get started.  Here’s how!

Practice these strategies, so when you’re called for an interview, you’ll be ready:

  1. Focus on immediately usable skills. Naturally, starting a new job means learning about the company and the specifics of the role. That could come months down the line. Think of how best the company can effectively use your skills right away. Then, sell these skills to them!
  • Are you organized and able to stick to priorities? This could serve your new employer well. It shows that you are a structured learner who can readily apply the lessons learned.
  • What about your leadership background? Highlighting your leadership or management experience indicates that you can maintain control of your area even without knowing everything about the job.
  • Giving examples of teamwork is a great way to gain favor with your potential employer. It shows that you’re open to the ideas of others even if you have your own.
  1. Be likable. Whether in your written communication or in interviews, it’s important to be likable. That doesn’t mean agreeing with everything or being overly chirpy. It simply means having a charming and pleasant demeanor so the employer is drawn to you.
  • Also, try to have a relaxed body and facial expression throughout the interview. It makes you approachable and shows that you’re confident.
  • Avoid appearing too comfortable. It gives an air of laziness when you slouch or resort to casual language!
  • Extend basic courtesies like asking if your interviewer is doing well. It shows your caring side.
  1. Practice telling your story. Your best bet to sell yourself is to do it on your own! You’re the best person to tell your story so listeners are drawn in and impressed. Be sure to take some time before the interview to practice that story for full effect.
  • What things about you and your life make for good storytelling? While it’s wise to avoid embarrassing stories from your teenage years, it’s a good idea to tell stories that reflect your character.
  • Spend some time talking to your friends and family. Share your story with them and get some honest feedback. If you think they’ll be too agreeable, try it with a stranger in a coffee shop.
  1. Maintain a positive attitude. At all costs, focus on the positives in every scenario. This includes when you’re speaking about your last employment. A positive attitude is comforting to a potential employer. You’ll also strike them as flexible.
  • Even if they mention something that sounds unappealing to you, avoid showing your displeasure. Remember that a positive attitude opens the door for negotiation and meeting halfway.
  • If you get a challenging question, take a moment or two to think before responding. Positivity makes way for calmness and a relaxed outlook. Remember you’re trying to sell yourself!

Selling yourself for the job can be a walk in the park if you take an effective approach. See how you can implement these approaches and land the job of your dreams.