Twitter is a goldmine for finding work! The great thing about Twitter is that you can search for job leads as they’re tweeted. By downloading a program called Tweet Deck, you can create alerts for any tweets that match your selected keywords. For example, if you create an alert for the keyword phrase “need a major gift officer,” you’ll get updates from every public Twitter account in the world that posts a tweet that matches your phrase.

Sometimes, when an employer is truly desperate to land a new employee, they make their hiring decision based on “first come, first serve.” Tweet Deck can help you be the first applicant on the scene.

The Internet has come a long way from just being a way to connect with lost friends. Now, you can create an online resume, showcase your work in a blog, search for job postings within seconds of positions coming available. Most importantly, you can build relationships with the right people. Use the Internet to your advantage by mastering your web presence.